Influence is the elusive superpower many businesses seek but never find.

With the right kind of influence, you can get people to see your business in a positive light grow to appreciate you become your customer and develop a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.  Many have the germ of the idea..but it isn’t complete.

Here, we create unique systems of influence—veritable engines that leverage powerful messaging technologies and processes to drive your business’s most desired outcomes.

At Influence Engines, we put the relentless force of influence to work for you. 

Core Values


We will represent ourselves and our intentions honestly to our coworkers and to our customers. We will be ourselves, even if that means being occasionally silly, a little less than perfect, and sometimes more than a little dorky.


We avoid the assumptions that existing norms are the right path. We choose to demonstrate before we tell of a better way.


We will treat others the way we wish to be treated: with respect for their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. We will not participate in or be distracted by gossip, negativity, or insults. We will strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism.


We’re dedicated to creation and maintaining a friendly, relaxed work environment. We will celebrate one another and our achievements. If we’re not having fun, we’re doing something wrong.

Connect with our team


Kevin Barnes

Strategic Marketing Advisor / Coach focused on helping companies solve problems and identify opportunities for market growth and development. Strengths in the GOST (Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics) method, strategic and innovative thinking coupled with the ability to forecast. Experience mentoring and coaching business leaders, mid-level managers, and tacticians. Focused on helping organizations get the most out of their people, resources and assets. 


Robert Helstrom

Dynamic and multi-talented Business Leader with ability to seamlessly integrate product management, marketing, content and data to spur top-tier revenue performance. Strikes a balance between an impeccable creative sensibility and business-oriented practicality. Record of cultivating innovative environments and promoting team-wide collaboration. Keen eye for crafting robust strategies to develop, launch, and position products for top market share.

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