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A.K.A. "Chat Bot Marketing" or "Conversational Marketing"

Chat Bot Marketing

What is a Chat Bot?

A chatbot automates certain tasks, typically by chatting with a user through a conversational interface (Facebook Messenger). It is built using a series of if-then statements and writing canned responses.

For example:

  • Say you want a new charger for your phone from your favorite online store. You could visit their website, scroll through 20 or 30 product pages, fill out the form with your shipping and payment information, etc.
  • But if you have a bot, you simply tell it “Order me a charger for an iPhone….and the bot will guide you through the voltage options, colors, prices…etc. The bot is leading you through a series of dependent questions to collect the necessary information to understand your intent, and deliver the right content to satisfy your needs.

A chatbot accomplishes all of this from start to finish where people are already spending their time, Facebook Messenger.

Messaging apps have over 5 billion monthly active users, and for the first time, people are using them more than social networks.

People also want the information they need as quickly as possible and are increasingly turning to chat. Email boxes have become more and more cluttered, so buyers have moved to social media to follow brands they really care about.

Ultimately, consumers have the control – the ability to opt-out, block, and unfollow any brand that betrays their trust.

But, if you’re able to provide actual value in the places they already spend their time, everything changes. All buyers want the most direct line between their problems and a solution.

With the help of messenger bots, consumers find solutions no matter where they are or what device they use….no forms, cluttered inboxes, or wasted minutes spent searching and scrolling through content. Communication, service, and transactions intertwine.

How will this work with your current marketing and sales systems?

We can seamlessly transfer data between the chatbot and other software and tools. This data transfer will let us personalize the conversation for each user and help clients collect more insights on their audience.

The chatbot will collect and email other important information about the user, then send it to your CRM, and then send it to your email marketing software.

Why Facebook Messenger?

Why worry about implementing this for their business right now? No one you know is using it, why should I?

  • Facebook Messenger has the highest ROI. The numbers are there more than any other platform – Over 1.3 billion active users a month, 2 billion messages sent each month between businesses and users.
  • Facebook has a very heavy internal motivation to help businesses reach customers on the messenger platform
  • If you capitalize on Messenger now, then you will be much more prepared to handle the coming messenger platforms, like WhatsApp, SMS and more. If you don’t, you could get left behind.

Will anyone be able to ask the bot anything and will it respond?

No, that is not its job. A bot’s job is to help your business grow with personalized automation. It will not be able to answer every single possible response that comes in.

For Example, if you have a restaurant and someone asks your bot for a joke, it will not get the joke, because that is not the bot’s purpose.

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