Embrace Uncertainty

Purpose should not be a strategy, but rather at the center of strategy.

We make thousands of decisions every day. Some are conscious; others are habitual so we don’t think about them much, if at all.

One thing we know: our decisions drive our actions—both what we do and how we do it.

In other words, choosing is the basis of doing.

And so it is for all of us that uncertainty almost always complicates our choices, sometimes muddling what we need or want to do; other times blurring how best to do it.

  • Our objective as business builders and marketers is to help customers do
  • The key to success is to help them choose by understanding them deeply and helping them manage their uncertainty
  • If we do this well, we earn their trust and they help grow our business

But how do we do this well if we don’t know who we are, what we stand for, or how we make decisions?

When purpose touches the heart, it fuels an energy that transcends your self-interest and drives your self-fulfillment.

That’s why understanding and helping customers begins with our own strategic self-awareness. Once we become grounded in that, we can use the same methodology to begin to help our customers.

In ancient Greece, the maxim inscribed at the entry to the Oracle of Delphi —the place where leaders turned for answers— was “Know Thyself.”

Knowing yourself—i.e., who you are, what you stand for, and how you make decisions—is the seed for understanding how to help your customers make their choices, manage uncertainty, and get their jobs done. And it is the seed for your success.

Now, please watch this 8-minute video where Kevin offers some perspective on:

  • Why now is your time to shine and embrace uncertainty
  • Probing questions Steve Jobs used to radically turn Apple into one of the most valuable companies in the world,
  • Shares a glimpse into our Embrace Uncertainty Workshop

Embrace Uncertainty

Influence Engines' One-on-One

Embrace Uncertainty Virtual Workshop

Our exclusive 60-minute personal workshop will:
Kevin Barnes
Kevin Barnes
Co-Founder, Influence Engines

Kevin Barnes, Influence Engines Co-Founder, leads the workshop. Since 2009, Kevin has helped companies solve problems and identify opportunities for market growth and development. Strengths in both JTDB (Job-To-Be-Done) and GOST (Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics) methods, strategic and innovative thinking coupled with the ability to forecast. Experience mentoring and coaching business leaders, mid-level managers, and tacticians. Focused on helping organizations get the most out of their people, resources, and assets.

How Much:

$500 $300 A one-time investment for an exclusive one-on-one focus workshop

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