This Smart, Little-Known Strategy Could Get Your Business In Front of More Potential Customers Than Google, For Far Less Cost

If you’re looking to invest limited marketing dollars, Google search marketing may not be your best bet out of the gate.

Here's why

These days, customers are conditioned to check social media and ask their friends for recommendations BEFORE they even start searching Google. This is why spending your marketing dollars to be in the number one position on Google search results can have a lot less impact than you think.

Online buying behavior has changed drastically

And sadly, most businesses like yours are feeling the pressure. Even worse, advice about what to do instead is either outdated or inaccurate, leaving many businesses like yours to suffer losses time and again.

Did you know that most potential new customers don’t even search for your website?

That’s how much buying behavior has changed in a very short time! And there’s a good reason why they don’t look for your website first. Keep reading and you’ll learn why.

Hi, my name is Kevin Barnes with Influence Engines. I’ve been helping businesses like yours leave obscurity, leverage technology and profit meaningfully for over 15 years!

Today, I’d like to give you the opportunity to seize new customer attention online and at the same time, reactivate past customers. How?

The same way single drops 💧 of water break through solid rock ⛰ over time.


You have to keep putting your message out there every day in and day out so that when it comes time to look for a solution, your business is credible, trusted and top of mind 🤔.

It’s true: A pulsating engine of persistence pays off.

Okay, maybe too many Ps there, but what you deserve is a pulse engine pumping out your message regularly as clockwork…drop after drop after drop.

Today, social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the life blood of the internet

If you’re not participating consistently in these channels, many prospects will consider your business dead. A website alone or a website first doesn’t cut it anymore.

You can thank Google for that because its algorithm only rewards sites with top search results if it’s already popular and a lot of other popular sites link to it.

And even if you have the time and money to rank your website so new customers find it, you still need social media validation and referrals to get business online today.

Pulse Engine: Your brand persistence machine

Customer confidence comes from consistently seeing relevant content from your business.

And top of mind awareness comes from seeing your brand regularly—what they call frequency.

Pulse Engine is our social media solution that uses consistent content and branding frequency to seize attention and trigger customer acquisition.

Pulse Engine builds a pipeline to new customers that increases in value day after day, month after month and year after year.

The Secret Sauce is Appraised Content

Pulse Engine appraises the best facts, the best quotes and the best tips related to your business, marries them with powerful quality images, positions your brand with them and blasts them two times every day through the most effective social media channels.

It crafts every post to make your brand shine. And while it transparently cites the source of each message, we know research shows that because your brand is giving them value, readers subconsciously give you credit in return.

 Most importantly, once they engage, they become part of your retargeting list 🙂

It’s a win, win.

And if you choose the Pulse Engine PRO, it creates new, original posts from any appraised posts that are performing well and blasts them out for even more value.

Ready to Show customers that you have a pulse?

Here's how to get started.

We specialize in helping businesses leave obscurity, leverage technology and profit meaningfully. We have strategic systems for each of these outcomes and together they form a united promotion system designed to achieve those outcomes.

Right now, neither you nor your business is able to support a full multifaceted promotion system. Yes, trust needs to be built, but more than that – the online marketplace is not currently conditioned to support all that you have to offer!

This is why we developed the Pulse Engine system. It’s an affordable and scalable asset that you will own. The base Pulse Engine system costs $5,000.00. It’s a one time payment. We begin all potential client relationships with a Discovery call. In this call we get to know each other and decide if we’re a good fit. 

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